A Season Of Loss and Blessings Part I


Me and Butterfly Pondering and enjoying the morning.

I was sitting on the porch last Sunday enjoying the day. Sharing it with me was my not-new-to-me-but-new-to-the-outside-again cat Butterfly sitting on my lap. I thought much about the last season of my life and how much it has been a season of loss. And blessings. I cannot speak for others but when things go bad and life gets hard-edged I forget about the blessings.

Loss has been or will be a constant companion for most everyone during several seasons of their lives. Loss is not only losing someone, or several someones, but of career, friendships or abilities and things one once could do. Loss wears many mask and faces.

My latest season of loss started when The Bride and I  left a small church we were involved and invested deeply in. In order to continue to love those around the core issue we stepped out of the hardest yet one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. I strangely felt a sense of loss but time was needed to reveal why. In the heat of the experience we rarely get that luxury.

Jesse's guitar on display at his funereal.

Jesse’s guitar on display at his funereal.

With that struggle fresh and the wounds healing one of my cousin’s died of an acute appendicitis attack. Jesse had a lot of pain in his past but he also loved life and music: A theme we both shared. He also was just  thirty-two years old. At his funereal there was a time to get up and share a story about Jesse. Mine was once, when The Bride and I was babysitting him and his sister, he puked on my. Throwing up would sound better but would not bring to the reader the true sense of the experience. Something like that builds  a bond that last a lifetime, one even Ajax cannot rub off!

Just a few months after Jesse’s death depression moved into our place but that story will have to wait till another time.Till then it feels great to be writing again and walking out this Jagged Life with you all. What a blessing. What a blessing indeed.

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