How To Merge : The Science and Art of Merging

Merging.  Pretty easy to say. Only two syllables. The definition is also pretty simple: flowing together. Simple right? Then how come so many people cannot not merge into the lanes of this country’s highways and byways? I have a three step program that may help.

Step I) First a little physics. Can two objects occupy the same space at the same time? says : “bosons can occupy the same place at the same time. An example is the photon, which is a particle of light. Since light can also be regarded as a wave, the

Merging:Simple. Bosons Formula:Not as simple.(Picture by WikiMedia)

laws of superposition apply. This means that the peak intensity of two intersecting waves can overlap at some point in space. Extended to the concept of the photon as a wave-packet, two or more “light-objects” can occupy the same space at the same time”. Guess what?  You are not a boson, so the “two objects cannot occupy at the same time” law applies to you.

So I will state Step I  as a mathematical equation just for fun: Entering interstate at thirty miles per hour + traffic on said interstate going seventy mile per hour = Someone gets mad/soils their shorts or crash-bang-boom.

Step II)  As important as it is to enter the flow of traffic at the correct rate of speed, so too is being aware of the fellow mergers around you. Giving yourself space to maneuver if those around you fail to follow Step I is important. I call it “wiggle room”.

Start assessing the ability of those in front of you by looking at their rear view mirror: If you see their eyes then the mirror is properly set and they are able to see you. If you see cleavage, nothing because the mirror is being used to apply make up or do hair, a neck tie or worse someone tying a necktie then stop, drop and roll off the gas to give them and you a LOT of wiggle room. Next look in your rear view mirror and see if those following are looking at you. I they are that usually means you have a good chance of not being rear ended. If not well you have to focus on what’s going on ahead of you and hope they get their head out of their as….er… texting or whatever task of distraction long enough not to run into you. I know what you are thinking: It would be their fault but the best accident is the one you are NOT in.

Step III)  Believe. All you have to do is believe you can pay attention for the twenty or so seconds it takes to merge and you will succeed. Good luck and merge on!

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