This Old Ford

I love my old truck. Pops gave it to me after he got the truck he has now. I love the three-speed-on-the-tree shifting.The only power under the hood is a Ford 360 V-8 so I live with the Flintstones brakes and Armstrong steering. They are less than cool but since I love the note of the dual exhaust, as it barks out it’s cadence to each explosion of the pistons, I live with it.

I took this truck to the Big-Box Building Supply place quite often, well that was until the dash fire. Now it is sitting out front with less than 70K on the clock and burnt wiring that to me looks like miles of black spaghetti. Soon I hope to find a victim, I mean a person willing to rewire it for a reasonable price. Until then it will be a photo-op for me from time to time. And a place for birds to nest as well.

Here is one in HDR from last Sunday Morning. Coffee+Porch+old Ford+ Sunshine= This Old Ford


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