I’m Back……

…and I do know why.

When I took a summer hiatus from this blog I did not know if I would return or just shut it down. I was pondering if the world really needs another “voice” or what, if any, need I fulfilled by doing whatever it is you call this thing I do. I wrestled with the fact that a few people do enjoy what I do here but is that good reason to take time away from the Fam and thing-that-need-attending-to just to fuel my ego?

And it came down to this: I must write. Whether it is a poem, a short story or voicing my thoughts of this or that, I must write. I am distinctly aware that it is a gift to be able to write, though not necessarily well, and gifts lose value when they are not appreciated and used.So write I will, for better or worse, and let the chips lay were they fall.

One thing I will be sharing are short poems I have written, displayed within photos I have taken. I had tried my hand at haiku but have a hard time wrapping my mind around the concept. I had an encouraging spirit on my infant journey in writing haiku. She has left the blogging world for good reason, though in doing so I lost a trusted adviser in that journey. I really do not care if I make someone mad in my attempts but without trusted guidance I do not want to cheapen the efforts, and talents, of those who have passion for haiku.

The desire was still smoldering within me and I had to find an outlet for it. So I have decided to do short poems, in the form of haiku, and call them such. Here are two I did that have the same message but I welcome any feed back on them both. Oh by the way it feels great to be back.



6 thoughts on “I’m Back……

    • Thanks for the kind words.
      As far as it being haiku I must ask if I am reading your comment right: If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck?
      I am heading over to check your place out, Peace.

  1. I understand what you mean, traditionally haiku’s have a very rigid set of rules in how to write one, but nowadays I think they have been adapted and changed so much that there is endless possibilities in writing an interesting on. I personally believe poetry is about making people feel something, rather than adhering to a strict set of guidelines, although I am sure that many would disagree!

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