Along For The Ride

(Authors Note: I am taking a break from this blog till September but felt re-posting some of my older stuff would be cool.)

Motoring along minding my business on a spindly ribbon of a road today I picked up a hitch hiker. If you noticed I did not say I stopped and picked up a hitch hiker but that I picked up one. As unreal as this seems the hitch hiker bounced off my head and landed tail up in my tray on the engine cover.

At first I thought I had killed the little free loader but I was relieved to found out I had not. As the lights came back on for my little friend I noticed that he moved with the grace of Rocky Balboa in Rocky XVI ( I know I made that up) as he found his way onto the engine cover. We hung out for the next couple of hours as I finished the days runs.

Realizing as I arrived back at the shop I could not let him stay in the ride till tomorrow. Nor could I take him back to his neck off the woods. The heat would do him in I am afraid. So I gave the little dude a lift and off he went to who knows where. He did not say much but it was still pretty cool hanging out with the little guy.

Meet Rocky XVI

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