A Memorial To A Child

I came across this unique structure last week as I made my rounds. I am somewhat of a brick but noticed a few details that spoke to me that it was a memorial of sorts. The first thing I observed was a heart with a name painted on it. The piece looked as if a child had made and it was a very personal touch for an otherwise somber structure.Thee was a bench in the center of the structure made stone. Then there were the angels. All of that together gave me the impression of a sitting area were one would sit, reflect and wait. I had a feeling it was built in honor of a child. A child that was not coming home. I hoped I was wrong.

I went and took care of the business I was sent to do. We talked a bit about somethings that were business related and i started to leave. Now I like people most days and do not mind listening to things that have nothing to do with my job. So when the owner started talking I listened and soon the conversation turned to Spring. It is all most of us here have talked about since it took its time getting here! Once here we have not shut up about how nice the weather is and how great it is to see the sunshine. That turned to the green things and the pollen they bring with them. In that vein I asked about the flower beds that were scattered around the property. The conversation went from there to what turned out to be a memorial. It was built in honor of a child the couple had lost. Sometimes when I am right I really wish I was wrong.

Before leaving I asked if I could come back after things started blooming and visit. The answer was yes. Hopefully I will be going back sometime in June to take pictures of the gardens and maybe learn more of this, a memorial to a child.


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