Back Doors To The Past

I was cutting through an alley to get to a side street, which I had passed up, when I rediscovered these old doors. The Bride and I ate my Birthday meal at an old restaurant a few blocks from here last year. After eating we took a walk and stumbled upon these wonderful steel doors. With the going on’s of life I had forgotten them and my desire to get a few more captures of them.

After this last encounter I took several shots and decided to looked up the history of what was beyond these doors. I discovered  that these doors opened into a courtyard for an old former jail.The old jail was built in the 1790’s and a “newer” section was later added somewhere in the early 1800’s. I will do a little more research and try to get pictures of the jail itself for a future post.

I took this with my Coolpix E5600

I took this with my Coolpix E5600

2 thoughts on “Back Doors To The Past

    • This one was built to last….I am glad. I hope to get back over to this little town this summer and get some more photos and dig up some more history on it.
      Thanks for stopping by AND commenting!

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