A Wonderfully Lazy Day

The Bride and I decided that today would be a great day to be lazy. After last nights adventure, trying to corral a fledgling buzzard vulture into our dog pen, it was a good call. The fledgling problem was resolved by nature itself: She decided learning to fly in the dead of night was less hassle than running from three crazy people holding blankets and chasing after her. Tired and cold we retreated to the warmth of our home knowing we just unwittingly participated in something amazing and beautiful.

As I read in bed, while The Bride sleeps, the Sun finally broke through the overcast morning. With its return I decided I needed to get up and going. After grilling some chicken I settled into my favorite chair and did absolutely nothing. It fit into this day perfectly and I liked it! As I sat there one of the pride came over and made herself home on the TV tray besides me. The following shot is a summary of my day so far.May yours be as Blessed!


I took this with my Canon SX260 HS

“The enemy of writers, both the professional and amateurs, is one and the same : Deadlines! Though for different reason it is the same. For one it is the prison it imposes on natural rhythm inside each writer. For the other the lack of solid goals to direct those natural rhythms at and to.” The Jagged Man

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