Shes A Triller

Authors Note: I wrote this Friday and did not have a decent picture of the subject matter. I got one this morning and added it but left the text the same (I’m lazy what can I say).

Cats. We got em. In spades. Yep we got us some cats. First off just to set your mind at ease, or maybe disappoint some, we do not have a herd of cats just a pride of them. Secondly let us make something very clear: We are owned by a pride of cats, we do not really own them. Now with that out of the way, upward on onward we go to were this story is heading. She is a triller for sure.

It was in July of o8  we lost our precious Jasmine. We called her Jazzy for short and she was an awesome and special cat. If you want to know more about why, you can read about Jazzy here. Though this is not about Jazzy it is about one of the surprises the Golden Eye stray, from the story Life’s Little Surprises , brought to us. And its a triller.

This is about the runt of the bunch. She was female and no one wanted her but as the males left one by one I knew the best was with us. She was the first off the teat and on solid food. She was the first in to use the litter box and the first one able to climb and get into our bed! She was so tiny that we called her Little Bit (not Lil’Bit because shes a cat not a pop star) but she is a triller.

As we watched her grow, and as she got used to us, her eyes started turning golden like her mothers. Long legged with an angular face of some exotic mix to match her spirit she won our hearts. She was and is a love bug as well. She would climb up on us and let us adore, er pet her till we were tired of it. She never tired of it. It was not long though before we noticed something out of the ordinary: She did not meow, she trilled! Yes I know only birds, outside the realm of human created music, are supposed to trill but she trills. As she goes into the fourth year we us we still love this little cat, who we now call Julie, and she is a triller!

Our Golden eye stray on the left and Julie, our triller, on the right.

I wrote a Haiku about her and wanted to put it in a picture of her but I would have more luck catching a ray of light or the wind than a decent picture of her. So follows the Haiku

Golden-Eye Stray

Brought Gift Of Same

A Little Triller

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