I Am Feeling It

Yes I am feeling it.

The heat. The lack of rain.

Broken things. Things mended again and again.

The pain past. The pain here and now. A glimpse at pain to come.

Long days at the wheel and short of nights sleeping well.

Friends visited and friends not.

Community left to others. Community helped by the same.

I am feeling it. I am glad.

3 thoughts on “I Am Feeling It

    • I do free verse, or free-form as some call it, better than haiku but I will continue with shape that part of whatever it is I have been given to live out.
      I am loving your post on haiku from other bloggers and writers!

      • Tomorrow I’ll be posting an editor from UK…. and will be giving another link to another book from a great haiga master who lives in Tazmania! I love to pass the info around about writer’s and their books. I’m just having a whole lot of fun at this, you know.

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