Trayvon Martin : My Two Cents

My two cents on Trayvon Martin is not about race. It is not about stand your ground laws or about gun rights. I believe open discussion (insert meeting in the middle) about these subjects are necessary and vital to us as we grow as a society. But that is not what I see as the central issue to the prevention of this tragedy.

The problem, as I see it, comes from a direct result of a practice that seems to prevalent in our culture today. Actually I will put forth that it is a human issue that shows itself in a cultural and social way.

The problem is a simple one and it manifest itself a way that is both subtle and quietly deceiving.  It the philosophy of asking forgiveness rather than permission.

This philosophy shows we have a blatant disregard for authority, and for others on a most basic level. The problem is simple but the solution is not. Why? Because most of us see it as our absolute right to be right just because we think it is so.

We need to look at ourselves, and I included myself here, and see where we blur the lines between individual rights, our rights and what is right. Individualism is not a dirty word but if it is the only thing one strives for, then it is the problem.

I have waited to see where I stood on this story, not as a judge , but where my humanity, my feelings and my intellect intersects with the reality of the shifting winds of society and our culture.

In this period of waiting I have read varies blogs, posts by my facebook “friends”and watched and listened to the media feeding frenzy. I have quieted my self and listened to the thoughts in my head and the currents of emotion in my very being. I have looked to those I respect and how they have lived  and I have tried to put my self in the shooters shoes as well.

With all that said for me it comes down to this: How can anyone think it is a good idea to get out of a vehicle and pursue someone else if the police (insert authority figure of your choice here) have told you that doing so is not a good idea? What causes the disconnect from doing right and crossing over to being right? How have we arrived at this point where asking forgiveness not permission has become our “right”? I do not have that answer for you but I feel it is a question well worth wrestling with. Because if the we all would we would not have had this story of loss.

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