Something A Little Different

I shoot pictures of things I like and  write about things as they come to me. To some it may seem that I  take strangled route to get where I am going but I do not try to be different just to be different. I know this because I follow several wonderful blogs  that look at things differntly than I do. This is a good thing. Really it is.

One such blog is by a gentleman named Paul Davis  at  I read his post yesterday and he had posted two wonderful pictures (amongest many!) that caught my eye. One was the barb on barb wire fence and the other was of a nail.

So I decided to post a picture of nails in a wooden pallet I took today after work AND try my hand again at photo effects. Thanks for the inspiration Paul and I hope you all pursue something a little different too.

Taken with a Canon PowerShot G3

Messing with photo effects

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