Living Green

Fish and Chips = Hum!

Today I am Living Green. Irish Green that is. The Bride and I, per our tradition, went to an Irish Pub. The tent was well on its way to being packed when we got there around noon. After finding suitable seating arrangements ( this means right in front of the band and speakers!) we settled in to listen to the band and crowd watch. Add a side of  fish and chips with some wonderful amber ale and voluminous dark stout I can say our Livng Green  was off to a great start.

As the music flowed and the day wore on it became clear to me that, somewhere back in my family tree, there is a dollop of celtic blood mixed in this Heinz 57 body. The way the pipes and the rhythms of the music mix with my spirit and DNA I moved to a place of contentment and of  wonderment. As the music moves from reels to gigs and back again I feel very much connected to the ebb and flow of the notes and their being.

We leave and go visit my parents and enjoy a wonderful cornbeef and cabbage dinner. My brother made some awesome skins-left-on mashed potatoes. As we sit and talk before the day ends I believe it is time to get to know a little more of my heritage. I mean my dad did have red hair, when he had hair, after all.

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