Green With a Hint of Red

Cresting the hill on a lovely stretch of snake like two lane I am greeted by the panoramic view of the  next hill line. The line stretches across the horizon and is backlit by the warm blue sky. As I descend into the next valley on this winding ribbon of road I am refreshed by the green pastures on the horizon. The green color of the pastures are almost glowing compared to the breathless like sticks that are trees in between. The sticks seem to be hazy almost as if someone has taken a red marker and traced the tree tops. Then my work addled brain recognizes what the red haze is: Tree Buds! The trees are budding and the haze is new life! Spring has come and though I know I will suffer from it I am glad. I sneeze there for I am! As one who has tree pollen allergies I know when trees bloom I will  sneeze, and sneeze often, but after the dankness of the winter I welcome it. Spring it’s good to see you my old friend.

† Author’s Note: This was originally posted March 27, 2011. †

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