My Hundredth Post

I wanted to post a long and (possibly) thoughtful provoking post for my 100th post. But with forces of nature at work the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry. We had several homes destroyed by a tornado less than a half mile from our house today. The path went about a mile or so to the east, as best we can tell, and destroyed a house less than a hundred yard from my great niece and her father’s house. Several trailers within a few hundred yards of the house where destroyed and/or severely damaged. The tornadoes were part of a series of storms that passed through our area today. Still I am thankful there were no fatalities or injuries.

With all that has happened today I decided to just post a pic or two. A lot of people showed a lot of heart today so the two pics are a tribute to the heart of the human spirit. These are pictures of the same stone: Notice the outline of a heart in the stone. One is in B&W and the other shot in the neutral setting on my camera a  Canon PowerShot S3is. Enjoy!

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