Dancing Daffodils

The weather was unseasonable warm a few days back, like it has been for the last several months, so off to shoot I go. I head out looking for something to shoot on my property and across the road I spy Daffodils. Daffodils? Is the April? No but there they are as big as a campaign promise. The ones I want to shoot are at the top of a bank that is about twenty to twenty-five feet tall and fairly steep. Well not for a Mountain Goat one of which I am not though the Bride says I have a head as hard as one! I could go around and shoot the ones I am sure are on the shelf at the top of the bank but that’s too easy. See above observation by the Bride.

Up I go with one hand holding my Canon S3is and the other clings to whatever I could cling to. I get the Daffodils in focus …..and then the fifteen to twenty-mile and hour winds we have been having lately shows up…..as I push the shutter release. Nice. The picture that follows is the product of my mad climbing and photography skills. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Dancing Daffodils

  1. I’m taking a shot in the dark here. If you’d slid and tumbled down the hill, when your wife ran up you’d hold the camera high and say “I saved it!”

    A photo worth the climb.

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