A Study In Black and White

* Authors Note: I started this post before I started my little sabbatical from writing. Hope you enjoy it as much  as I did shooting it*

Photography is something I love. I remember getting my first camera at the age of fifteen. It was a Canon Sure Shot auto focus 35mm film camera. I took so many pictures over the years with that little camera that the film advance wheel rounded off and would not advance film anymore! About six years ago I was given a HP 2.5 mega pixel digital camera. My next one was a Vivitar 8300. Next up was a Canon PowerShot S3 IS and it is the one I still use. I also am trying my hand at a manual focus Minolta  35mm film camera.

As part of my journey into the world of capturing moments I talk to other photographers and friends who enjoy the form.On the advice of a good friend I started looking at other photographers work.From this exercise I learn what I like, and I do not like, and adapt this to my style. I started doing this just a few years ago. Since then I have studied quite a few photos but of all the photos I have seen I love photos in Black and White the most.

So I dabble in the art form myself and hope to have several posts showing some of my photos. I have also taking the same or close to the same picture in color so one can compare the two. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

“Life is like a good black and white photograph, there’s black, there’s white, and lots of shades in between.” Karl Heiner

Picture taken by author at a local lake.

Picture by the author

This daisy had couple of pedals that seem to be shading it's "eye".

Picture by author.

Picture by author.

I took this shot at a Car Show: Notice the prices on the menu. Must have been nice!

Picture by author

Dragonfly in B&W

Picture by author

A classic in B&W.

Picture by author

A retired caboose

Picture by author.

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