My Desk With A View

My office for years was a service desk with a serious lack of ambiance. I spent twenty-two years in the RV business and thought I would be there till I retired. The New Economy had other plans for me and a few million others. Finding another career was not what I wanted to do at any age lest alone at forty-ish plus!

I tried a few things and it was not to be. There are worse things it seems than losing a few jobs here and there. Who knew? I sold insurance but not enough to even break even. I worked as a handyman and took care of rental property in the hottest summer on record! Now I, through divine intercession, work at a desk with a great view and though it still lacks ambiance I love it. Here is my desk with a view. Enjoy!

My desk top: Yes real men do drink coffee out of pink cups.

My desk

The view from my desk

A view from my desk

Another view from my desk

Another view from my desk

A view ahead of my desk

Sun coming through after a rainy morning at the desk

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