Now Where Did That Come From?

I ask myself the same thing as I looked at one lonely and greasy bolt laying in the fender well. I had just finished replacing the water pump on my brides ride. I was amazed frustrated greatly by the task. Now this. Nice. I once again get on the ground and look for one place where this little bolt fits. Hmmm. Not luck. I get up off the ground and look top side and there above the a/c compressor and behind the serpentine belt is an empty hole. Nice.

Now how to get this bolt back to it’s job is priority number one. What is it’s job you may ask? Holding the  a/c compressor wire that’s what. Why is this? It was to insure the wire would not get damaged by the a/c pulley. Why did it have that job to begin with? Because someone could not figure out that cutting the wire a quarter inch shorter there would be no need for said bolt. Sigh.  Never mind the chance of the wire getting damaged by the a/c compressor pulley is slim, it is the brides car so right it has to be right.

After getting the bolt in by doing my best impression of a pretzel I spend sometime reflecting on the magnificent idiotic approach to engineering throwing something on the wall and see if it sticks that is my bride’s car. I have never been amused at the fact that engineers Trolls cannot understand that water pumps are a serviceable part. Or more directly put: this item will break down and you will need to replace it. They should get a clue and study the world of reverse engineering.

Also adding to my amusement frustration is the maker of the replacement water pump. It was a nice well made replacement with a life time warranty. What it lacked was the o-ring that is sold separately.  Nice. My parts supplier is closed so I MacGyver it and finish the job with no leaks, runs and no plenty of errors. Sigh.

After washing the brides car and getting my tools cleaned up and put away I head inside to a happy wife. So lets do some math: New water pump, radiator hoses and antifreeze= $104 plus change. All my fingers intact and no antifreeze in the eyes= no money spent at the emergency room. The bride back in her ride=priceless!

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