His Will

Words by the Lord God. The picture by me.

As I was reading and  contemplating on the Lords prayer this week I  discovered that  I have an obsession with God’s will.  Not in a stalkers kind of way but I use it as an excuse sometimes not to pray deeply.  Or think deeply. Or care deeply.  For example when  I know of  someone who is sick and I do not want to tell God what to do  I will default to “Your will be done”.  Easy. Simple. To the point.  I mean if God does exist, which I believe He does, what can I bring to the table of His godness ( Yes I know it’s not a real word) anyway?

I cannot tell you why I can’t get rid of this tug at my back of my being as to why a deeper commitment to praying deeper is needed.  But it is there and I have to find out why so let the journey begin……….

One thought on “His Will

  1. Good post John-

    I think that’s a good tension to feel. For me, I have always felt like as long as I prayed “God’s will be done” I was covered whether that prayer was answered or not. As I have grown in my prayer life God’s will be done has become more of a trust issue for me and less of a security blanket – if that makes sense?

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