Things to Come

As the dreary end of fall slides into the beginning of winter I ponder on what’s to come. Spring. Yes I am thinking of the coming spring. At this point of the year I am missing the wonderful colors of early fall and the ability to be outside comfortably.  With spring these things come back around.

With early fall  colors fading to grey I am struck by the way color is used in fall to usher in the dormant state of winter not of new life as in the spring. Though I understand winter has a big part in prepping if you will the earth for spring I still do not like it. It is dank and dark most days. When the sun shines it is nice but the wet cold winds seems to find every injury forty-eight years of living has racked up. As the earth run it little celestial race around the sun the days grow shorter. This adds to the dreaminess of winter already but we live where we have to set our clocks back every fall. We start to work in the dark and return in the dark.  I whine so there fro I am. Sigh

Winter is not completely bad  my whiny under tone not with standing. Winter is a time a lot of us use to get caught up on our reading and such. It is also a great time to hang out with good friends and get caught up on life as well. There is no better way to beat the winter blues than hanging with your crew.

As the snow and ice melts and winter fades away one the first signs I look for  is the return of the migrating birds.This my way of  insuring my self that spring is coming. We do not want any false positives here! The birds know when to come back as the earth ushers their return with food and welcoming weather. As I get older the warming weather is more and more important to me. Well my neck pain, shoulder pain, back….well you get the picture.

With the warming wind comes the cleansing and healing rains. The last of the dirty snow and winters grime is washed away. The air is less heavy with decay and fresh light scents start to takes it’s place. The sun shines more than not. Time “moves” back to it’s proper place. early flowers break forth from the ground and turn their faces to the sun. Spring is here.

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