Falls Magical Colors

I must say I am somewhat disappointed with Fall 2010. We didn’t have a great fall color wise and it was hotter than normal. Now it looks like winter may show up early. Why all the whining about the season?

Simple put I like the transition we get here in the Heartland from fall to winter. The colors gradually fade  into the dreariness and drabness of winter as gentle reminders of what was and give hope of more wonderful colors to in the spring.  So I started looking at my fall  pictures over the past few years as a way to get me in to a little better mood about the major dullness of the fall of 2010. 





I lived in Texas for a few years and found the weather pleasant for the most part. I could water ski and hang outside with friends longer there than back home in Indiana. But I missed the changing of seasons and most of all the fall.

I like to spend time outside looking down at the leaves that have already fallen. I enjoy the contrast of the last living colors of the leaves against the drabness of the sleeping grass.

Even the cats  love fall and enjoy hanging out with us. Well hanging out and soaking up up some rays anyway. Enjoy.

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