Poems Past

I have about a dozen or so unfinished posts saved  in my draft section of my dashboard.  I cannot seem to finish because where I am now is a different “place” than when I started them. So I was reading one of my nephew Joe’s notes on facebook where he posted a poem he wrote. That started me down a road to the past to a place in time where I actually wrote poetry. The following are three poems written in the early 80’s. What I find intriguing is youth struggle today with what I struggled with back then: change, death and love. Thanks Joe for getting me motivated to knock the dust off these old ramblings and share them with others for the first time in 30 years.

The Winds of Change

The cold wind of change blows

And you soon wonder where all the time goes

It used to be a young heart was never alone

But time passes you by and you find you’re not that strong

Now the days are longer and the nights seem colder

Your hair grays and there is a sag in once strong shoulders

Used to be that all around you was life

A house, children and a loving husband or wife

Birds would sing a song that turned sweet that which was bitter

But now the television has become your baby sitter

Time passes and seasons come and go

How cold are the winds of change when they blow

Written by: John Burgess

The Rose of My Heart

Your eyes glitter like the dew on a rose

Opening to the world as the morning sun glows

Your smile is soft as the pedals blowing in the breeze

Forever to stir my love for you are the memories of these

You opened up to me with your whole heart

Being kind, caring and patient from the start

You showed me more good in this short breath of time

Than I can recall in my mind

You are truly like a rose in the morning light

Showing you are truly most wonderful thing in my life

Written by: John Burgess

A Friend

You were a friend

But it seems there were problems that would not mend

Yet you would show me that you didn’t care

And the price of your life you made that error

Never to show what you were about

Never to let the inside out

And when all the pressures came to a head

There was nothing left to be said

Sp you took your life as other had

An yet it makes my heart sad

But I will remember you for what you were

A friend


Written by: John Burgess


One thought on “Poems Past

  1. Bet you didn’t know that I had a big crush on Roger the summer before my freshman yr. We had a quiet ‘summer thing’. I remember him being so sweet & kind to me. Sometimes we just sat and talked & sometimes we just sat in the quiet. I was deeply saddened when he left my world. I have thought of him often through the years. What a heartfelt poem you wrote back in 1981 for him. Thanks for bringing those special memories back to the top for me.

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