Walking About

The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other can be such a healing thing. As I was walking today I was able to solve at least half the world problems and two or three of my own. You get to watch the world around you and observe it ways you cannot while you are driving. I was on the last leg of my walk when I heard vehicles approaching from my six.  I stepped off the road and continue to walk in the grass to let them pass.  As the first vehicle passed I heard a sound shortly before their arrival and really did not think much of it.  As the last vehicle went past I stepped back on to road, but not before checking over my shoulder to make sure the path was clear. There besides the tracks I left in  passing through the grass & leaves was something red on the road. I could not make out exactly what it was so I turned back and walked toward it.  As I got closer to it I realized it was a Cardinal. That was the sound I heard through the buzz of my thoughts as the vehicles passed. It seemed to move so I picked it up to see if you still alive and unfortunately it was not.  The fall breeze was moving its tail and wing feathers as if it were still alive. Through some sense of guilt I guess of the birds I had in hit the past I picked it up and cradled it in my hand as I would a baby in my arms. I thought about burying it but decided to lay it in the last of the fall grass still clinging to the bank of the creek along our road.

As I continued on the trip back home I could still feel the warmth of the bird in my hand and became conscientiously aware of the price that nature pays for my existence in today’s world.  I know the driver had no ill intent but was simply going about his daily existence to his next objective.  I also realized that the vehicles we use do not care.  They are simply a mass of steel, rubber, plastic and fluids that we use to survive our day-to-day lives.  A tool nothing more nothing less. They are uncaring, unthinking objects operating within the parameters of their designers. Besides there is nothing the driver could have done. The bird, man and machine converged at that point simply by chance. But still there is a price that is paid for our conveniences in this life.

I was about a quarter-mile from my house when I saw another drama unfolding. There’s a hawk that was trying to get to the crows and their young.  There has been a late hatching and the young are just learning to fly and are vulnerable. But unlike people crows work together watching out for all and the betterment of each individual in the group. And today was no exception.  I looked up at the sound of squawking as the crows are talking to each other and see that they protecting their young as a unit.  They pursue the hawk out of the area and set up parameter guards in case it comes back. I have friends who watch my back the best they can but that is not true of everyone.  And even at the best of times we can get distracted, and that includes me, with her daily lives. But not the crow : he is committed to the end. I wish I could match that commitment without wavering.

My suggestion is to take a walk, start today, and be an observer of your surroundings, and then do it again at least three to four times a week.  It is not only good for your physical health but your mental and emotional health as well.

Walk On, Walk Well,

John Burgess the Jagged Man

† Author Note: I found this on my computer the other day and wanted to share it with you. It was to be one of my first  “posts” on my blog but as usual I couldn’t find it so I wrote some other drivel. Enjoy †

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