Something Is Missing

A few weeks back my car made a grinding sound when I applied the brakes. I knew from experience that was not a good thing and that the brakes needed replaced. I ordered them and the arrived during my stay-cation but I decided to put it off and drive my old car  till I could get around to it. Well I did the replaced the front brakes and rotors yesterday evening and the rear ones today.

Now I telling you this because even in changing brakes and rotors The Jagged Man can learn life lessons. The first lesson I framed was after inspecting the front pads: Something is missing but what can I learn from that? When your car, or you, is not maintained things do not work as they should. I need to get control of my eating habits so maybe I should do something about before lesson two comes into play. 

The second lesson is if you wait to long it may be to late. I came to this conclusion by the physical evidence these pads provided: One more trip and I would probably not have been able to stop and that usually ends poorly for all involved. 

So here to life lessons taught to me by my car and hopefully I will learn and benefit from it.

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