A New Direction

Since the conception of this blog, back in 08, there has been one constant:Very few people read my stuff. Why? It is more than not my lack of a central theme. Most of the blogs I follow, and like, have central and/or constant theme. Me, not so much. That and I am not a very good writer. With that said I am blessed that my life is plethora of eclectic encounters and happenings. Still that does not make up for the of lack my ability to focus enough to write consistently and have said theme. Also people are busy and long posts, read here: over a paragraph long, are to big for normal intellectual consumption.
Well my Pops read my stuff, a lot, and seems he was one of only a few who did so consistently. When he died this past December from a major cardiac event my stats flat-lined as well. After much reflection, I am closing this place down. After I survive being the Personal Representative of the Estate I will pursue, well, something. I am going to post random post from this Blogs past and will do so till the end of this month. After that I am heading in A New Direction.

Peace, The Jagged Man

11 thoughts on “A New Direction

  1. Well I don’t like that you are leaving. Your stuff is fine jagged and many of your photos are outstanding. My numbers are diminishing too. I wonder if man y bloggers are experiencing that as WP gets bigger and everything is spread out with more to choose from. Anyhow, you always have a friend in me so don’t go away forever. please.

  2. First, I’m sorry for your loss. I haven’t been around in months and I’ve spent the past few weeks jumping back on the merry-go-round. I think I recall seeing that he’d passed, but I don’t know that I commented.

    I’ve really enjoyed your photographs and I’ll miss seeing them. Maybe if you take a break for a while, you’ll feel a little renewed and will come back. I hope so, and I promise to read if you do. Best wishes to you.

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