Simple As Day Into Night

(Authors Note: I am taking a break from this blog till September but felt re-posting some of my older stuff would be cool. Here is my post I re-posted back on July 16th, 2011. Comment if you want because I plan on checking my WP e-mail weekly, or there about,  so I will get back to you.Till the next re-post be cool, fly low and Peace Out!)

The day started with a bang and ended in a whisper. At fiveish in the AM a wonderful storm showed up accompanied by one of the loudest thunder claps I can ever remember hearing. This would have been cool except I was trying to sleep. After getting back into my skin (since I had jumped completely out of it!) I was able to squeeze an hour and a half of sleep out of the morning. The rain tap dancing on the metal roof helped return me to said slumber.

The rain stayed in the neighborhood for most of what remained of the morning. As I loaded up the van the clouds decided it was time to get real busy. The rain came down in an angry torrent with a new dance partner: hail. As I finally pulled out headed for the highways and byways the rain had let up some. By the time I drive across town to the connector to the next county the rain has finally let up.

I head west and the clouds are lifting and the sky is mostly blue up ahead as I head down out of the foothills. Here and there are small clouds snuggled in between the trees. They look as light as a father kissing their sleeping child goodnight but they cling to earth as if the do not want to leave.  I drive for about a half hour and notice the clouds up ahead look real familiar. I believe those are the ones that came through and kicked our tails just a little over an hour ago. Nice.The rain stayed ahead of me and  I had sunny and clear sailing rest of the day.

I head home after my day is done and hook up with the Bride to go shopping. Her day was, well a day so we decide to head to a local restaurant for her belated birthday dinner. The hostess sits us by the bar and I ask if we can move to the other side of the restaurant where it is quiet: it is the Brides Birthday dinner after all. After being informed there was no one to cover that part of the restaurant our waitress comes to the rescue. She says she will take care of us and moves us to the (quiet) side if the restaurant.

That is when I slowed down enough to notice what and why my wife really wanted to move to the other side of the restaurant: The Sunset. I was speechless and yes it deserves capital letters.There is the sunset of all sunsets. There was so many layers to this sunset that you had to slow down to take it all in. There was a line of clouds slowly being overtaking by the approaching night but up ahead of it there is layer upon layer of light and wonderment. Yes a sunset for the ages.

The first thing that catches my eyes is layer of clouds over head. I imagine that they are what the underside of ocean looks like as it rolls over the breakers on some far off shore. There is enough of a hint of blue in these clouds to make me feel it is so. They meander till they merge with of forming mass of clouds that resemble a volcano off to the north.

Between all the clouds is the sun moving to the next day and giving our souls a shower of color. Through this window of wonderment the back-lite sky is still as blue as a new-born baby’s eyes. The clouds surrounding the window are infused with magenta the spreads out into the approaching night as if someone threw embers from a fire into the sky.

As the sun lowers itself beyond the horizon the night starts to claim the colors one by one. The blue of the sky fades and the color of the ocean like clouds turn misty green, then to grey as the night creeps slowly in. Soon most of the color is gone, with a hint of green mist here and a dim magenta like ember there, as the night claims it’s place in the day.

I left my camera in the vehicle and shot this picture with my eyes and my soul. I share it with you, as I watched and shared it with my Bride, and everyone else who slowed down enough to enjoy the wonderment playing out before us.

6 thoughts on “Simple As Day Into Night

    • Thanks! I have my moments when I write above my pay scale….wait I do this for free! Thanks for visiting and stop back by anytime!

  1. IM shocked that you didn’t have your camera;right there with you :O .But the night was about your bride’s belated birthday dinner.
    I thought I was the only one,that jumped out of my skin,during that loud clap of thunder~!

    Great story,John.I so love reading what you write.
    You are a very talented person,photographer and writer,what a great combination 😀

    • I had a camera and I choose not to use it but to simply enjoy the moment. And yes I honored my wife by simply enjoy it with her as well. Thanks for visiting Doris!

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