Life Is Good But….. is time to take a break. I am finally getting my balance back and life is looking less fuzzy. And the past is coming more in focus as well. In that space I have been pondering on the last year and half of my life and realize I need to start looking forward. The Bride and I have had one hell of a interesting time in a very short span. In that  time we have suffered, as many other have before us, loss and the weight of depression visiting our home. We have lost two cats, my mother and I have loss several good customers to cancer in that time (by the way cancer sucks and like the Honey Badger, it doesn’t care). It is now time to look forward.


Here is to looking forward.


The Bride has started back to school to become a nurse and I need to make space for her to do that. I also need to get to know my friend….again. She gave a lot of her self during our last wild season.

My favorite ring. It has a match, that why it's my favorite.

My favorite ring. It has a match, that why it’s my favorite.


In the time I sat with my Mom I gained some weight. It is effecting my well-being more than just physically. I know round is a shape but it is not a good shape to be in. I took the picture shown below several weeks ago (I used a HDR merge technique to make it “pop”). While looking at it ,and feeling the extra pounds on my being, it got me thinking: I do not want to become a time-worn hulk that sits empty due to lack of desire and will. That got me pointed in the direction of taking a break for a while of all formal and most informal obligations for a bit. It is time to work on this old hulk before it becomes a necessity not a choice.



I am taking break from facebook and this blog from June 1st till September 1st. I will still be posting pics on my photo blog during this time though less frequent than before. I am going to set this blog on auto-pilot, if you will, by scheduling some of my older posts to pop up from time to time. I will keep track of comments via e-mail and will responded once a week….or so. Be patient I will get back with you. Till the first I will post a few times more as I am working on a haiku or two and more HDR merges.

Till the next time. Peace, The Jagged Man

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