A Small River With Big Dreams

I lived for many years just blocks from the mighty Ohio River. My family, and I of course, moved there from a rural farm town upstate to a town just  up river from the Falls Of The Ohio. From the first time I spied the Ohio River I was drawn by it’s majestic and magical properties. So I have an affection for rivers that took root in my youth.

And the Falls are pretty cool too! They offer a look back in time as one of the largest fossil beds of it’s kind in the world. A bonus is The Bride loves the Falls as well. We have tried several time to get to the Falls this year but life has had other plans. Yes sometimes being a grown up is a pain in the backside (or fill in your favorite word here).

Now back to the river thing: As I spied this “little” waterway I entertained the idea that if rivers dreamed what would they dream of. I think if I was a little river I would want strive to be a mighty river one day. So here is a small river with big dreams.

4 thoughts on “A Small River With Big Dreams

  1. Billy Joel’s “River of Dreams” is one of those songs that, once it’s in my head, will not leave for some time. Your post just provided the soundtrack for my afternoon. . . In the middle of the night / I go walking in my sleep / From the mountains of faith / To the river so deep / I must be lookin’ for something / Something sacred i lost. . .

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