Feeling A Wee Bit Like Me Again

Today is St Patrick’s Day and The Bride and I went to our favorite restaurant/pub to celebrate being Irish for a day. As we left early in the morn to head to the pub it was gray, wet and cold and there was a possibility of snow as well. Into the day we went, no matter what nature would bring, to celebrate the day with great friends, wonderful food and beautiful live music.IMG_0089

We arrive to the wet turning into mixture of sleet and rain. It encased us in a thin cold, frozen cocoon as we waited to get inside the events tent. Once inside we were greeted by the band as they tuned for their opening set. The owner is Irish and his kindness is well-known by those who come to his place. Today was not an exception: He placed large industrial-type portable heaters in each corner of the large tent. What a blessed and appreciated gift!

As the band started to played we had immersed ourselves in a warm and wonderful meal of Fish and Chips.To add to the flavor of the day The Bride and I shared a hot cup of Leek and Potato Soup. Very rich and satisfying on a normal day but even more so on a gray day like today.IMG_0063

Since the temps never made it out of the upper thirties our choice of beverage was coffee. Hot, and black as the night before, it helped keep the chill out of our souls and our toes! No dark and stout for us on this day but that is o.k.IMG_0059

As the tent filled up with late comers it was time to move on and make room for others. After the hour or so drive home we are greeted by a warm and dry home. Home. Not a house only but a home. Very nice. Very nice indeed. Once settled in I take a cat nap, with Momma Cat snuggled up on my chest. The Bride is reading the paper as I nap with The Boy by her side. Next up a call to my Aunt, grilling and dinner duties (and said dinner consumed) then taxes finished and filled. Not a bad day, not bad at all.

As I sat down to write this it started out as a short St Patty’s day post but it turned into something more. Life has lately been beyond gray, cold/hot and tempestuous as any season I have ever lived through but yet it has not been all bad. Thanks to Faith, Family and great Friends I am feeling a wee like me again.

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