A New Chapter Begins

The first thing I must do before starting the main body of this post is to Thank my family, friends and my blog community for their prayers, support and thoughts during my Mom’s last days. I can say God is merciful but I feel I would be negligent if I left out I believe people walk it out for Him. And there was a lot of those who walked with me and my family during this time but none more so than The Bride. My wife was suffering too for she knew my folks before she meet me but none the less she was there always. I know she struggled. We talked and walked and cried together but she never ran. She stood beside me and I am thankful.

My last post was a way for me to honor my mom’s passing last month and the Memorial of her life last week. During the months leading up to her death, and what I hope is a rebirth, I had to engage myself with the reality that we do not know what truly happens after death. I have my beliefs and others have an opposing or similar view(s) but we have truly no hard data, you know the things we humans like see and touch as proof of something that is, to back up my faith. I will write more on that in the coming year but I must say spending those last weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds with Mom I experienced Peace that goes beyond explanation. I do not want anyone to read in to this it was easy. I cannot speak for how others have felt but as for me, when one-half of the very person you are is dying, it is hard. As a side note I am glad that not being there is one regret I will not have to dance with later in life. That I think would be much harder than the journey I under took.

As this on chapter closes and I look to the future, but live in the here and now, with this experience fresh upon me though soon fading I move on. My life ,as with all stories, time will tell how this plays out on this MY life’s canvas.  A New chapter begins.


2 thoughts on “A New Chapter Begins

  1. That’s a beautiful photo. There is no greater blessing than to be surrounded by those who, as you so accurately put it, “walk it out for Him.” May that continue to be your blessing as you walk through the loss.

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