Water, Rock and Breath

Within the last few months I have experienced wave after wave of tsunami like emotions and revelations. There is something in the dynamics of death, or in this case the impending death, of a love one that brings out the good, and the bad, of the players effected. In my case, as it surely is with others, the good is great but the bad is very heavy. The burden on my being is not overwhelming yet it is like water rushing and crashing against rock. After so long the rock is changed.

I breath in of the bitter-sweet mist riding on the winds of change. I breath out. One breath, one moment at a time. Life is not fair but it is just that: Life. My Moms impending passing has brought on much pain but yet I am better for it. The water came, the rock was changed, I breath in and I breath out. 2012 02 27_1147

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