I wrote this post for my Photo site but thought I would share it here. Thanks for the views and enjoy!

Daffodil Hill Photography

I have been blessed in this life with many wonderful and amazing things but the gift of words is not one of those things. Just because one is not gifted in something though does not mean that we not should try things that are not our “thing”. Sometimes jumping off our self built plateau of comfort can bring many rewards….as well as some personal discomfort! With that said into the shallow well I dive! Here are a few things I have seen that camera cannot capture and only the brush of words can paint their picture.

Picture number one.

The rock faced guardians that line the side of the road, left by those who dug and blasted the way for our major thorough fares, have the effects of time etched upon them. Many of seasons have pasted since the time the hills were carved out for the advance of man. The once…

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