The Rub

I have been on this little blue marble now for almost a half century. As I ponder on the things I have observed, there are a few things about people and our nature that I finding to be intriguing. One of those “things”  is thus: Though we feel and have a certain view point on a matter the fact is there is always another side or view point on the same matter. We do not have to acknowledge it but it is true that there are two side to everything. Now where those two sides meet is usually where life is lived out in actuality which becomes the accepted realty. I call this phenomenon The Rub.

Here is as example of this: Businesses see people as numbers and vehicles to be wielded for their financial gain, a.k.a. their profits. People see their selves as people, living and breathing assets to the company. The reality is without people, fulfilling those processes needed to offer the products and services that others want, the company would not exist. Yet to be profitable they, the company, need to maximize all the resources at hand. In this process people are reduced to numbers and are seemingly dehumanized more than not. Two sides. Two views.

Now I feel strongly people ought to be treated with dignity and respect for what they bring to the process of seeking profits. One the other side of the coin the company sees their reality as such: Without the company offering their products and services people would not be needed. The intersecting lines of people versus profits, where business is just business, yet it is very personal is a place I called The Rub.

I have worked more on than off since I was ten years old. Since then I have seen the bowels of several businesses. And I have also seen a lot of life. I also I think on things that appear to be opposite yet have a common thread holding them together. The above example is just one of the umpteen things that I have observed that seems contradictory and yet is standard operational procedure for humankind. This is what I like writing about but hate thinking about. Now there is a Rub for you. Till the next time live well and try not to think too little but not live enough!

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