Simple Things

Simple things. Bare to the bones things.  Striped down to the nuts and bolts things.  That is what an acoustic café is to me.  A musician, an instrument, stories in the form of lyrics and a mike. Simple things.  Stories told in the the guise of a song. Stories raw and real and where lyrics are not choked out by layers of unnecessary noise. The stories behind the lyrics, the pain or joy, laid bare for all to see, as to why these lyrics must live.

The singer tells us *”..dreams don’t mean that much…..when reality comes crashing down”*  Then right after that a song of hope and of leaving the troubles of the past behind. “Ha ha to the old year, good-bye to the cold fear, going cry when I need it, smile when I need it…”*

Simple things.

*Words by Eric Peters


Authors Note: This post was published by me on May 15, 2010. I did not at that time use pictures in my written posts as much as now. I went back and added this picture because it seemed to fit the title. Simple Things.

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