After The Rain

The day started out overcast and the rains that followed did not disappoint my expectations of a mundane type of day. Today I seek opportunities to make it a day that meets my expectations but to make it a day of finding gems of light among the dull staleness of exception.

The first opportunity presented itself when I stopped to make a few phone calls. After I made my calls I became aware I was out of go go juice, a.k.a anything with caffeine in it! Since I made an impromptu office out of a small grocery stores parking lot I thought I should at least play nice and grabbed a drink there.

On my way in I saw several pink roses along a hand rail of the wheel chair accessible ramp leading up to the entrance. So after procuring my fix, er drink, I headed back out and grabbed my camera. After a few hurried shots it was still cloudy but I could feel the rain lifting from my being.

The next stop was only a hop, skip and jump from the store. As I arrived I noticed a pile of firewood haphazardly stacked not to far from where I parked. It had these lovely but tiny  red flowers and what I believe is Primrose gently encasing it.

After taking care of business I grabbed my camera bent down to snap a few quick shots. I had only been in shooting position for about thirty seconds, and was lining up a shot, when a hummingbird swooped into my view. Well maybe a little more than just my view. It flew into what would be called my personal space. It was less the three feet from my face and stopped and hung there like a dream. Almost as fast as it flew in, it noticed I was not part of the normal landscape and flew off to a nearby tree. Though I did not have the time or ability to get a shot I noticed the clouds of preconceived exceptions were a lifting.

The scene shifts several hours later and is the tag to the end of my day. The following is the scene of the end of my day. This the view that greeted me and made realize exceptions have no hold  on my reality after the rain.

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