9 thoughts on “Haiku: Take Three

    • I am trying to carve out quite moments to read others works and I am trying to find a rhythmic flow the form but still consciously I am struggling to wrap my mind around things. Tonight this one just ran across my mind and I just grabbed it.
      It makes my heart sing that you enjoyed it!

  1. Haiku with too much thought behind it starts feeling strained. Haiku is rather like an exclamation of insight… a moment that opens the eyes… Just grab it is right… cause that’s what give it the energy… That moment you experienced, you pass on to another …and they can experience it too. Never over think a haiku…. I even hate to rewrite my haiku. I figure if no one gets it I’ll just have to wait for one that someone gets.

    • Although I have some editors that do point out a thing or two to help a haiku along… but the love I have for haiku is precisely that I don’t have to overthink it.

    • Of the three I have written here, a handful of others not yet put out there, have been just hasty written after I “wrote” them in me. So I try not to over think but…..

  2. This haiku gives me a very good feeling that the things that are sad for me today will part so the light will come through. It’s a lovely haiku, indeed!

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