Cat Tails starring Max

As those who read Cat Tails starring Mommy Cat already know I have a lot of cats. Now for those two people this has already been covered so bear with me: I have a lot of cats. OK that’s covered. So in Cats Tails Part II I am going to tell you about a cat that’s not mine. What? I thought this was about your cats you may be thinking but hey it’s a cool tail so please enjoy it.

One of the brides and mine’s favorite places to hang out and walk about is a little town called Glendale, Ky. There antique shops, craft (for sale) shops, restaurants and a few cats here, there and about. One such cat was an orange Tabbie named Max. He lived in a little clothes slash craft store. The owner must have been asked a several times if she knew there was cat in her store. Since some of this calls probably came after she closed she put up a sign. It stated that Max the store cat was just that a store cat.

It was cool to be in her store and see Max sashay in and out, well like he owned the place. He was a very loving cat as well to those he wanted to give his time to. For many years we would look for him and we were greeted like old friends. That was till this past year when the sign came down. Max was gone and the bride and I felt a loss at his going. I was going through a older computer getting some photos off of it and found these photos of Max. I hope you enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed Max.

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