Life Goes On For The Jagged Man

I use the name The Jagged Man as my online name but my friends call me John. I used the Jagged Man as a persona of what life is like for me or as I say in my blog header: My life has had it’s high and has had it’s lows. No different than most  peoples lives and really nothing to set it apart from others either. I  just have my view from the inside aisle seat on MyLife Airlines and they are at times  just,  well a little jagged. No need to buckle up. Don’t worry about putting your tray in the fully upright position. Enjoy the flight and maybe you can learn from my journey through the turbulence on this my jagged life.  And life goes on.

Lately my M.O. is jaded, not jagged, and as I try not to engage in closed minded rants I will be taking a small break from publicly viewed writing. I will write because it helps to see what life has forged within me but I will leave the private stuff private till I can write in a way that engages others and does not distract from that goal.

The tipping point to this slight detour was learning my Mom has lung cancer. I am trying to stay positive but it is weighing on me greatly. But she would expect me to use the gifts I have been giving to share with others no matter the troubles I encounter. So what to do? I have a lot of photos and The Bride bought me two photo editing suites  for our anniversary that I just loaded on the computer this week. So what I am going to do is play with photo effects with some of my photos and write. Life Goes On!

Life Goes On

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