This is from my photo blog and thought it was worth sharing.

Daffodil Hill Photography

Vacations or holidays are times most of us use as a way to get away from it all so to speak. Most times we return refreshed, rejuvenated and motivated to get done what it is we have set out to do. Between times of vacation or holiday we set forth to get it done whatever “it” is. Moving about our places in time and space to reach the goals of “it” I know sometimes forget to take moments and live in the now. I imagine some of you do as well.

Over the past decade of my life I have tried to take in more of the here and now. Right now in my life that has become more critical than ever. Enjoying a loved, time with a friend, or taking in a scent that I may have missed before by rushing running after “it”. I will not go into…

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