Grace Is Enough

By most people’s standards I would not be thought of as a deep thinker. As evidence of this some point to my beliefs as proof of the above mentioned “fact” but I still put my faith in this extraordinary thing called Grace. I really cannot put it into words for you but it sings to me none the less. The book, from which I glean some insight into the life of the one I put my faith in, has been called outdated , a relict and a historic document at best.

I used to have an argument for everything I believed in about “my” religion but by Grace I am getting over that. Religion is and has been my biggest problem to convey what Grace is. I hope I am ,by Grace, getting over that too.

For me it is living the best I can, loving loudly though not perfectly, being unreal to my self  when ever possible and doing so in community with others more than not.

That is where I am learning that Grace is enough. Because if it is not enough then there is nothing I can, or will do, that will ever be enough. So I believe Grace has come to the world and it is enough.

2 thoughts on “Grace Is Enough

    • The fact I am not perfect is easier to accept as I mature but it is bitter pill to swallow none the less. Thanks for commenting Oma.

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