Jeremy Lin: My Two Cents

Jeremy Lin is The Talk of the sports world now. His name is everywhere. In the papers, on all the major sports network shows and commentary’s to blogs and even on NPR! There is a lot to talk about things other than his amazing stats since come off the bench less than two weeks ago. From the Knicks sensation heritage and intellectual pursuits to his religious beliefs, among other things, but one thing is clear to me that is not being talked about. It is a lesson we can all learn from.

What is that lesson? It is simple  really: When the opportunity presented itself he was ready. Period. He did his home work and learned the system his coach had in place. He worked on his shot  over the summer and he has spent thousands of hours practicing and conditioning himself to play the game of basketball. He could have taken his money and walked through the motions but he did not do that. Did I mention he worked on his shot over the summer? Yes he put himself in a position to be the best he could be when and if the time arrived. Period.

It has been fun to follow and I hope he continues to do his best, which is the underlying lesson within this lesson. And that is my two cents. Period.

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