Family: More Than Flesh and Blood

A Note: I found this post on the old pda I had written it on several months after my Uncles passing. Since then a lot of life has happened but we still go watch movies with the Lost gang. I call and keep in touch a with my family a little better than before.

As far as this post goes at the time I found it, well  it didn’t seem to fit anywhere so I put it in a shoe box to break out later. Now is later.

I lost my uncle Bud today. I haven’t seen him or the rest of my aunts,uncles and cousins for more years I care to admitt.As the time has passed since my grandparents passing the distance and time has grown between us. The pendulem that is my life has swung the other way.
The last 15 years or so I have been trying to build a family of my own. If I am to be honest with myself  I really  don’t fully understand what “family” is. Is it the traditional mother,father ,son, daughter, grandparent thing or is it more?

Over the last few years I realize family is more than flesh and blood. Since March of 2004 I have been part of a small church plant and that was a big eye opener for me. I have being going to “church” since is was child but felt I was separate or less than the leadership. With my new church home I have come to think of the leadership as family. I feel all of the people that attend are family. We strive to have each others backs but also try not to turn our backs on others. But it doesn’t  stop there.

Once a week I am part of another group. As I look around tonight at the group that has gathered for over  two years watching Lost and I see family. My Bride started going to watch Lost with some of her friends. After a while I got tired of being home without her so I tagged along. Then all I saw a group of Lost “crazies” who were pretty cool.Since then (after I engaged  instead of burying my head in my laptop) they transformed into real people with stories to tell. We are now part of their story as well. After the finally episode of Lost is in the books we have decided to still get together once a week.

Family is I know flesh and blood as well. I know time and space separates “real” families. As I stated I haven’t spent much time with my family since my grand parents passed years ago. I am going to reconnect with my cousins via facebook and hopefully meet up every once in a while. It is at least a start.

I had great times with my Uncle Bud and I will miss him.
R.I.P. Norman “Bud” Root           07/5/1939 – 05/23/2010

2 thoughts on “Family: More Than Flesh and Blood

  1. I guess we were sorta thinking along the same lines,huh?I was talking to my sister Kathy,on the 19th of this month and we were talking about how family is more than blood.With us,it is in our hearts~!We weren’t biologically related,but are sisters in our hearts,we were sisters ,growing up,and we will always be.We fought like siblings,growing up,like most siblings fight.All three of us,kids,were adopted into the same family unit.WE were loved unconditionally,by the people that the Lord blessed us with.Eventhough today,I am in contact with my biological brother,my biological mother and a couple 1/2 sisters.The family of the Rauba’s ,that I grew up with,are and always will be ,my family in my heart ❤

    • Sometimes unconditional love is lacking in families because of varies factors that are to numerous to list. Friends and “second” families do not put their exceptions on us and can accept us for who we are.

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