Monday The Gift That Keeps Giving

As of late Mondays and I have been getting along pretty well.  I really cannot recall the last time that a Monday an I didn’t at least agree to disagree and coexist in harmony. I have been told nothing good last forever, but since I haven’t lived forever I can only vouch for the short time I have been on this big blue marble. And so far life has proven that point fairly bluntly. This Monday being a case in point.

I woke up at five o’clock-ish in the morning on this past Monday with a start. “What has stirred me from my wondrous slumber so early?” I thought. Was it the tingling of my Spidey senses? (No, since I do not have any Spidey senses.) What aroused my slumber was the faint sound of running water. “Well that cannot be good” I thought since the bride was still in bed and the cats are to lazy to get their own water. So I investigate an I am greeted by the utility room doing a fine impression of a swimming pool. Damn Oh shucks I exclaim!

The bride is now awake probably, due to my masterful use of the English American slang langue. We use thw wet/dry vacuum to get the water up off the floor. I just want to throw this out there that wet/dry vacuums are a very useful tool if you are a home owner. We cleaned up as much water as possible and I set a fan in the floor to assists in the drying process. A little side note: The fan was on the smallish size and using it to dry a flooded room was  like using a earth worm to catch a whale.

The brides gets ready and heads to work. After getting ready I make it to work fifteen or so minutes late. I reflect on my decision to punch a ticket to another fifteen minute trip to  slumber land at this point. In theory it was good idea but since it turned into a half hour trip,  it was fact a bad idea. I recall at this juncture advise from my past. That advise was simple: Never challenge worse. Thank you Bill Cosby for words of wisdom. I decide there and then I would forge ahead as if nothing had happen. I will now like to compare my Monday work day to a baby’s  diaper: They both fill up fast, needed changed often and nothing in there is pleasant!

Having survived the work day I head over to pick up a fan from my bride. She called my with a little bit of sunshine on a mostly cloudy day: One of her company’s client loaned us a fan that they use in their renovation business. Sweet! I get to the park where the bride is watching her nieces. She had to drive my back up ride, a 1994 Nissan Maxima,  because hers had cooling issue. I come back with the key and notice antifreeze leaking out of my cars front air dam. Well how apt is that? It is at least in keeping with a water based theme we have going on in our lives right now. Nice.

It turns out I have a problem with the drain plug. Seems it will back out due to road vibration and needs replaced. Tomorrow I will deal with that tomorrow for enough are the worries of today. I get home and get the fan going and double check the drain plug on my ride. No leaks so far. With the fan as a prop airplane-like back drop I catch a nap. I get up check my blogs for new post and comment here and there and head to bed. Tomorrow has to be a better day right?

And it was. I had a wonderfully productive day and an awesome night at Good Time Tuesdays hanging out and watching a movie. Filled with hope I looked to the future and woke up the next day very much in same said state of mind: Then Monday showed up again. This time I was determined not to let it keep me down! Full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes! (Not real sure what that means but it seems a fitting description any who.) With great determination me and my new found self-deception made our way to my next appointment. I made it through the day and all was well with the world and my CSSS’s (Customer Satisfaction Surveys).

Paper work and survey’s turned in I changed clothes and meet my bride and our friend Sarah. We are off then to a play at Actors Theatre of Louisville. The play is part of the 35th Humana Festival at Actors.  Bob is the title of the play. Bob, who was born and abandoned at a White Castle restaurant in Louisville, Ky , is a fast moving and well acted play. It is also very funny. Laughter is good for the soul.

On the ride home I sit in the back seat as Sarah and the bride talk up front. I reflect back on the last three days and am thankful for all the jaggedness it has brought with it. I think also of how cool and humbling it was to rescue a young doe that was stuck on top of a very high fence but that is another story for another day………

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