The Best Christmas Ever

Hokey as this sounds this was my best Christmas ever. As my friends know, I did not celebrate Christmas as I was growing up and way into my adult years. Maybe this gives me a distinctive slant on what makes the greatest Christmas ever.

I have observed the joy kids have when they get the  gift that is “just what I wanted” to couples sharing the first Christmas with their new born. I have observed the good the bad and the ugly. I am old enough to understand that the  power of observation can hone ones sensibilities and expectations and humble you as well. I am also blessed to let it mature me in these areas. So Christmas for me is uniquely tilted to my jagged little world.

This year my bride and I didn’t buy presents for each other. We spent less than a hundred dollars on others and felt not one bit of guilt about it. Our thought process is simple: If you do not have it why fret about it? Worry adds nothing, takes away everything and ends badly for all. Why is this so?

Because what is given and received physically is nothing compared to the real joy of this season. Christ was born into this world to save everyone but is there more to it than that?  Maybe so and here is what I think it is: He puts great value on relationships. He could have walked out that mission without any earthly help but how did  He do it? He had Himself a posse you could say. He walked it out with the disciplines and he hung out with who? People that is who. He hung out with those He came to save. By His actions He put value put on relationships.

That is where I found myself this year. Hanging out Christmas Eve with friends after playing for my old churches Christmas Eve service. We circle up and tell our favorite Christmas story and play or sing a few songs. We eat, we love and we live. Simple.

On this snow covered Christmas morning found us at the truck stop down the road for a hot breakfast. We ate and talked it up with the waitress and left full and feeling blessed from our encounter. Next was dinner with the fam and then to the hospital to sit with my brides great aunt.  She fell and had to have surgery on her leg so we hung out there for a while. After leaving there we finished up the day at my brides oldest and dearest friend ( not that she is old but she has known her for like forever!).

After making some tentative plans for New Years Eve eve we head home. As we were driving home and my bride says ” I had a great Christmas how about you?”  I said honestly “It was the best ever”.

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