Making a Difference

In an age were we do not have a lot of good news and things that inspire I have the fortune to know a few in my own town. Just up the road from my house there is a soup kitchen opening up a new center to feed not only the homeless but the working poor in our county. You may think this is a result of today’s economy but it is not. It all started with everyday people who wanted a ministry that served those in need. Pretty simple mission but there was many obstacles along the way: funds to raise ,equipment to buy,health inspections to pass ,insurance needs, and so on. Today it is ran by dedicated volunteers and a staff that is carrying  forward the original vision of two ordinary people who dared to make a difference.

Next there was a group of people who had the vision to start a place where seniors and youth could be served and community grown. So up on the hill on the south side of town there is a small building that serves as a reminder of what community really is. A place where the young and the old, sometimes the ones in today’s busy unfocused world that are on the margins, can feel safe and wanted. To be educated to feel loved  and to be taught how to help themselves and others.

I know there are thousands of stories like this. Stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things to make life better for us all. Let’s look past the headlines and media buzz on all things bad and keep an eye out for those pockets of hope where everyday people make difference.

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